Resin Bound (Suds Compliant) imageResin Bound (Suds Compliant) imageResin Bound (Suds Compliant) imageResin Bound (Suds Compliant) image

Resin Bound (Suds Compliant)

Resin Bound Driveways, Paths & Patios in Kent, Surrey & South London

Pure Landscapes are based in Swanley, Kent. We have the expertise and knowledge to professionally install resin bound driveways, paths and patios. We lay resin drives in most towns across Kent, Surrey and South London.

You can choose from an extensive range of natural resin bound aggregates, guaranteed to be non fade, anti slip and offering weed resistance and low maintenance. We can transform your driveway with a high strength, new resin bonded driveway.

A resin bound surface will certainly enhance the look of Driveways, Paths, Walkways and Courtyards. A resin driveway can be bonded to existing concrete or tarmac surfaces. The hard wearing Granite, Quartz and Flint surfaces come with a choice of 20 natural colours and finishes. A resin bound driveway can be up to 50% cheaper than block paving with no excavation required and minimal disruption to customer.

Resin bonded aggregate development has been made possible by significant advances made in polmer and epoxy resins made over the years. The basic premise is that a decorative or coloured gravel is glued to an existing solid surface namely tarmac or concrete by means of a resin.

The result is an extremely hard wearing surface which give the appearance of loose stone but its bonded and is resistant to weeds and is relatively low maintenance.

Resin bonded driveways and resin bonded paths have been laid more and more in Kent and Surrey in recent years. This is because resin bonded aggregate has great versatility and can be used on more or less any project, or any scale to suit any budget.

Benefits of Resin Bonded Aggregate
  • Aesthetically pleasing - totally natural appearance
  • Durable - extremely hard wearing
  • No Loose Stone - Easy to walk  and cycle on
  • No Rutting - Ideal for curved driveways
  • Anti-slip - textured aggregates provide a great anti-skid surface
  • Low maintenance - occasional pressure wash is all that’s needed
  • No Digging - Can be laid over existing surface so minimal distruption 
In October 2008 the permitted development rights that allow property owners to re surface their front gardens and driveways without planning permissions have changed to reduce the impact of water run off and flooding. If your new replacement driveway or front patio uses a permeable surface such as a resin bound system you won’t need to apply for planning permissions or if the rainwater is directed towards a permeable surface.

If laying a traditional driveway surface of tarmac, concrete or block paving of more than five square meters, you would need to fill out a planning application form, draw scaled plans and pay a fee of £150.00. This could then take eight weeks before you have a decision from your local council.
The following sections explain why the resin bound system is the number one answer to controlling water run off and flooding.

Pure-Landscapes are fully equipped with an extensive range of equipment to undertake all types of work including commercial, industrial and domestic. Whatever your needs, we can provide the complete package to lay your resin bound driveways or patio.
If you live in Kent, Surrey or South London, we can quote for you to have a new resin driveway, path or patio. The resin bound drives we lay in Kent and Surrey will transform the look of any home.